What a fun day at the fete

What a fantastic day in the sun at Wimborne St Giles fete, chatting to lovely people who were keen to find out more about In Jolly Good Company and how we can help them.

A lovely lady told us that she was born and brought up in Wimborne St Giles, and although she has since moved away she went to the school and got married in the church in 1957.  

We had some incredible offers of help - an artist who is going to show us how to do fabric printing and a very well known local man is talking about giving tractor rides around the village as part of our sessions, how exciting!  These things will make 'Our Village Hall Days' unique and amazing.  Look for our In Jolly Good Company banner at Cranborne fete on 15th June and come and have a chat - we would love to meet you!  Or meet us for a cup of tea and a slice of homemade cake on 16th June at Wimborne St Giles Hall 3 - 5 pm and help raise funds to keep older people in your community connected and supported.

Village fete.jpg
Glen Wilkins