Fun at the Allotment

What a perfect day for a meeting at our allotment. Warm but with cloud cover, the best gardening weather! When we first arrived the allotment was in need of a jolly good tidy up, everything had grown so much in just 2 weeks that it was looking a bit overgrown. As people arrived they grabbed tools and started digging, weeding and planting with a vengeance, and what a difference they made in a very short time. The end result was a very tidy plot.

Some of the group decided to take advantage of the chance to sit and catch up with each other. I love hearing the sound of laughter and there’s always so much of it naturally occurring at the allotment.

After a cuppa and a biscuit or two we all mucked in to share out the harvested veg and organise the cut flowers into pretty bunches for everyone to take home.

Glen WilkinsComment