A cold and rainy afternoon at the allotments!

Rob and I set up and sheltered in the polytunnel, we really didn’t think anyone would want to join us. But much to our amazement and joy, six of our hardy allotment crew turned up. The bravest decided to go out with Rob to endure the elements and plant some daffodil bulbs. The rest of us huddled in the kitchen over a warm drink and recycled an old map into some bunting to cheer the place up. When the intrepid bulb planters returned, we had another cup of tea and were treated to one of Yvonne’s poems ‘At the allotment in winter’ and here it is -

The wind is blowing, but what do we care
We’ve put on the right things to wear
Mackintoshes and Wellington boots
Now we are ready to pull up the roots

Weeds to be got out and put on the compost
It starts to rain so we have to dash
Garden tools to be put away
For the weather looks set for the day

I think it is giving us a hint
Into the polytunnel we all sprint
But it all helps the plants to grow
For next year to put on a show

We get out our stoves to boil a kettle
And we all settle down with mugs of tea
Laughing and joking all nice and snug
With old matting on the floor for a rug

Glen Wilkins